SEO Standard



HackEarth  maintaining SEO Standards from its very inception


The term “SEO Standards” have often been misunderstood in the search engine optimization world as a certification test. In general SEO ethics and work practices, it is referred to as the operational guidelines which is followed by adhering to the stringent “Standards” as laid down by independent vendors and certification agencies. So we at Hackearth follow the best practices in our work culture and help our clients to be ever satisfied through our efforts. It is achieved through our quality SEO work delivered by our experienced professionals who always search for better and improved mechanisms to help our clients rank favourably over the web through the best work practices.



Why choose our SEO services


To benefit in respect to quality SEO work, you need to choose the services of one such firm which adheres to strict SEO standards while working on any optimization project. We at HackEarth with our team of dedicated Internet Marketing professionals provide our esteemed customers with quality Search Engine Optimization solutions that is tested and certified in respect to website optimization techniques. We as a premier organization follow the best ‘White Hat’ techniques which is certified and recognized by the leading industry professionals. We put the maximum emphasis on SEO Standards while working on any project and thus help our client to benefit the most through our value added and cost effective optimization services. Since we implement standards rigorously in our daily work, it reflects in the quality of our work. Through the best SEO practices that is proven and genuine, we help our clients to achieve the best ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo and thus be in the eyes of every potential customer. By following SEO Standards, a majority of companies including HackEarth has created a niche for itself in the ever changing and competing business environment.



SEO Standards followed by HackEarth


As a reputed company, we do not practice any sort of “Black Hat” or “Grey Hat” techniques to push a website’s ranking in search engines on a temporary basis.

Unethical methods like keyword stuffing, hidden links, hidden text, cloaking is strictly prohibited as these methods affects a site negatively in the long run and faces the risk of Google penalisation.

We perform a scientific study in the form of keyword research and competition analysis to have a better understanding of our client’s business.

Since we abide by ‘Standards’ and ‘Quality’ in our work, our On Page optimization efforts are positively impacted and thus help our client’s site to rank favorably in search engines.

We do not encourage link exchange from banned and unethical sites like casino, poker, porn, and many more.


So by following the SEO Standards we have been able to create the brand name and reputation for ourselves in the world of quality SEO services. HackEarth have been placing quality, high in its agenda while working on any project and thus living up to the expectations of our ever demanding clients. Therefore by adhering to all the prescribed guidelines and norms, we are able to deliver the best possible results when it comes to genuine Google ranking by the means of proven and certified SEO techniques.