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Let’s help each other to grow faster!

HackEarth Pvt.Ltd  has launched India’s first white label reseller SEO program. You can offer any service to your client which is being offered by us. You can setup your own pricing. We can work as part of your company or team. We can send reports directly to your clients or to you. We neither leave any mark on any client’s web site like “optimized by company name” nor mention our company name in reports. This will be 100% unique and transparent white label SEO reseller program where you can make hefty profit.


Business Success ConceptThis how reseller program works

There are two options available.


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Promote our service: If you are a web design company or web hosting company and have clients who want to optimize their web site then you can promote our service to them (via news letter or any suitable media) and when they order get 10% of the order value straight to your Paypal. We’ll take care of their site. As long as they pay you keep getting your affilated commission.

Charge your client directly: You decide the amount to charge to your clients. Get money from them and pay us on their behalf. You’ll still get 10-20% commission on each order. Your clients won’t know who the service provider is. We’ll send you weekly white label report and you just need to forward reports to your client. In this plan, your client will directly interact with you and you need to solve their queries from your end.

Below you can find our reseller commission structure


1) Order volume up to $1000 would get 10% commission.
2) Order volume from $1001 – $2500 would get 15% commission.
3) Order volume of over $2501 would get 20% commission.


To be our reseller you must have a web agency i.e. you must have a web design, development, web hosting, software development web site which is currently live and operating for at least 6 months. No other types of sites are eligible for this scheme. At the time of inquiry, make sure you use your company mail id. With free email id, we can’t register you as our affiliate or reseller.